Monday, December 6, 2010

Mushroom turnovers

This week: cremini mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, onion

From weeks past: ricotta cheese

Staples: flour, spices, oil, butter, white wine vinegar, garlic

My kitchen is a mess.

My kitchen is a mess because I made a terrible meal.

My kitchen is a mess because I made a terrible meal, and I don't have any paper towels to clean it up.

My kitchen is a mess because I made a terrible meal, I don't have any paper towels to clean it up, and I'm watching Did you hear about the Morgans?

I feel lost.

It was a valiant effort, I suppose. I did it all in the name of "real" food. My mom used to make these low fat individual chicken pot pies when I was in high school, and they were great. But the recipe called for some diet-y substitutions, and, snooty eater that I am, I turned my nose up at the ingredients. Margarine? Low fat cottage cheese? Not for me. I was sure I could class up the recipe with a buttery crust and ricotta/mushroom filling.

Dry dry dryness was the punishment for my pretension. Pastry crust isn't the kind of thing you can fool around with unless you know what you're doing, and obviously, I don't know what I'm doing. That margarine crust, on the other hand, was damn good; whoever came up with that must be a pastry genius.

The good news is the flavors are right, so my next attempt will undoubtedly be better. The bad news is I have three leftover turnovers I have to eat this week.

Needless to say, no recipe today. I'm off to pout and whine... and maybe clean.


  1. As a frequent food failer, I empathize with your mushroom turnover disaster. However, I'm glad you like the flavors of the dish! That's half the battle! Pastry crust is finicky, but sometimes butter covers over a multitude of sins.

    By the way, you have a FABULOUS kitchen--even if you think it's messy!

  2. Thanks! It's a new apartment, and I am IN LOVE with the kitchen. Don't know how I'll ever move!

  3. this is a dish i would actually really like!!! so shocking. even more shocking is that you failed. even MORE shocking is that you didn't like the morgans movie. godspeed for the rest of the week.

  4. update: i had one for lunch and it wasn't so bad. maybe i just picked a bad one to eat last night. maybe the sogginess that microwaves usually lend was a good thing for these turnovers. who knows. i'll try again soon!