Sunday, November 14, 2010

This week (11/15)

I'd like to tell you about two money-saving strategies I've employed in the last week: 1) eating out and getting others to pay for you; and 2) going home and raiding your parents' kitchen

Just kidding... sort of. I ate out 4/5 dinners last week, and between a generous friend and a dutiful boyfriend, I didn't pay for any of them. This weekend, I went home, and between a generous mom and a greedy me (and a lot of food left over from last week), I won't be needing to do any grocery shopping this week.

This week
- frozen strawberries
- frozen bananas
- chicken broth
- chicken and rice soup
- whole wheat flour
- everything bagels
- apple cider

This week's resolution: to be less of a mooch and actually feed myself.

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