Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The rules

It's amazing what the mind will do when not consumed by TV. Yesterday, I decided to start walking to work, freeing up two thirty minute blocks a day during which I am not either (1) working or (2) watching my shows. With two whole days of experience behind me, I know I made a good decision because, on my way home today, genius struck. I've been struggling to come up with an original idea for a food blog; shockingly enough, kitties and food didn't stick. And today it came to me: a chronicle of my attempt to make a week's worth of meals on the sparse contents of my (awesome) kitchen.

Here's what I'm going to do: at the beginning of every week (individual post? not sure yet), I'll include the week's grocery list, attempting to keep my total under $60. Of course, I'll have some staples that I don't buy every week -- AP flour, sugar, salt, pasta, butter, olive oil, a couple of different vinegars, onions, and garlic (this list is also subject to change). I'll also include a list of the non-staples that I have left over from last week. Then I'll describe my quest to find and adapt a great recipe to suit my ingredients. Pretty clever, huh? (In an effort to keep my spirits high, I did not investigate exactly how clever this idea is; please let me retain my blissful ignorance.)

So, that's it! Here goes nothin...

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  1. Good for you, Becky!! I think it's a very cool idea, and while we all know what a whiz I am in the kitchen, I'm certainly interested to see what you will do with this!